July 26, 2016

Last week I attended the first global Positive Education Conference “IPEN” in Dallas Texas.  There is a major movement happening to change the world for the better!  Some consider this to be a “once in five hundred years” shift.  The focus for education is moving from survival and avoiding bad outcomes to “Flourishing”.  Seligman’s model of flourishing is at the core of this movement and is embraced by leading positive psychologists and educators globally.  This model is easy to remember with  the acronym PERMA and stands for:

Positive Emotions
Engagement in positive acitivites and with positive people
Relationships that are strong and supportive
Meaning:  What’s life all about?  What makes me feel like there is a higher purpose to my life-journey?
Accomplishments:  makes us feel satisfied!

We need to balance all of these footprints/pillars to have a feeling of well-being.

I would encourage all of you to investigate this new chapter in human evolution!  IPEN:

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