November 23, 2015

Mindfull meditation is a technique which is growing in popularity in today’s schools.  It is also used outside of the classroom as a form of reframing thoughts and emotions before a reaction to them.  It is about focusing on the present without any judgement over thought patterns or their resultant emotions.  The breath leads this form of meditation.  One focuses on the breath and how it changes.  Belly breathing is essential in this form.  One pays attention to thoughts, feelings and emotions as a detached observer.  The release from thought is to return to breath.

Today we will begin mindfull meditation at El Sistema Aeolian with the kids.  We have already had a few sessions with our teaching team and volunteers.  Mario Faveri, a renowned sports and performing artist coach  will lead this exercise over a period of days and months to come and will measure its effectivenss.  Our hope is that our kids will learn this technique and its language through practise.  We will be looking for results measuring their ability to focus on their musical accomplishments.  We will also measure the outcome in regards to their more positive social behaviour.

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