February 15, 2015

The Leadingnote Foundation in Ottawa hosted a “Symposium on Instrumental Change” which centred around the El Sistema movement.  Keynote speakers included Simon Brault, Director and CEO Canada Council for the Arts and Richard Hallam, Chair of the music Education Council, England.  I was asked to co-present “The Fundraising Challenge” with Ken MacLeod, President & CEO, New Brunswick Youth Orchestra.  I also gave a talk about Emotional Intelligence.  It was an incredibly inspiring two days.  Highlights included meeting colleagues from Europe and North America and chatting about our ideals to change the world.  My colleague Minerva Figueroa and I are committed to assessing and implementing the best ideas we heard.  We are also going to reconsider many of the strategies we have in place.  Peer Leadership strategies presented by Marcus Patterson from Sistema Norwich was particularly telling.  Jeannie Hunter also gave an inspiring interactive presentation about browing creativity and engagement in the music class.

The power and potential of harnessing the energy of these like-minded people is astonishing!  The willingness to share ideas and build together is a great example of the world change we need.

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