January 5, 2015

I’m excited about returning to my work at the Aeolian.  It’s been about a month since my partner Bryan and I left the country to visit Australia and New Zealand.  We are two of the fortunate few who get to travel frequently, se other parts of the world and bring home these experiences.  One of the experiences which has left a strong impression is the tour of the Sidney Opera House.  More astonishing than the beauty and miracle of this UNESCO Heritage Site is the story of its construction.  It was suppossed to take 3 years and took 14.  It was suppossed to cost six million Australian dollars and cost one hundred and thirteen million Australian dollars.  How did they keep this project going when public opinion was against it?  This is something I am going to explore with more research.  It is a place of great pride with Australians today but was scorned during its development by a majority of the general public.  What can this story teach us?

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