October 12, 2016

Rebelheart Collective

Without wanting to call this an orchestra or chamber ensemble, let’s call it a group.  The Rebelheart Collective is a new creation of the Aeolian and is designed to change the experience of classical music.  It is a string quartet at its core including Scott St. John, Sharron Wei, Tom Wiebe and Erika Raum.   There is no conductor!  Each core player takes a turn leading the ensemble.  The second layer is students at the graduate level in an apprenticeship relationship with the core musicians.  The third layer is participants from the Aeolian’s El Sistema Program.  Half the tickets for these concerts are free.  The other half are pay-it-forward premium tickets.  For every concert held at Aeolian Hall, one shorter program will be held in a community space.  Members of the ensemble will come out and greet the audience both at intermission and after the concert.  Classical music should belong to everyone and not just an elite few!!

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