September 11, 2015

Why Music?

As we move forward to advocate for music education, there is an interesting perspective to keep in mind. Most of us are aware of the benefits of studying music such as increased brain function, increased fine motor skills, self-discipline, pursuit of excellence and many other side-benefits.

It is really important to remember that the first and foremost argument for studying, playing and listening to music should always be because “it is music”. Music alone advocates for music. Its powerful transformative nature inspires us and gives us the greatest depths of pleasure. We visit many lands, cultures and lives through music. It is by far one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings. It is impossible to describe music adequately in words and that is its magic. Music transcends language and integrates its communication to us uniting our mind, body and spirit. It brings us into “flow” and gets us to the centre of our consciousness. If we remind people of this, we will awaken them to the most authentic reason for music.

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