May 6, 2015

Norman Doidge in his book “The Brain That Changes Itself” has offered us an incredible gift.  It is the beginning of the instruction book for the human brain.  Although research into neuroplasticity is still in its infancy, Doidge stands at the gateway of ushering in a new era of understanding of both how the brain works and how we can change the way it works.  A couple of quotes I really enjoyed:

“So a neuroplstically informed view of culture and the brain implies a two-way street:  the brain and genetics produce culture, but culture also shapes the brain.  Sometimes these changes can be dramatic.”

“Studies by Taub and others of musicians who play stringed instruments have shown that the more these musicians practice, the larger the brain maps for their active left hands become, and the neurons and maps that respond to string timbres increase….Brain imaging shows that musicians have several areas of their brains-the motor cortex and the cerebellum, among other-that differ from those of non musicians.  Imaging also shows that musicians who begin playing before the age of seven have larger brain areas connecting the two hemispheres.”

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