March 16, 2015

We are now beginning to connect with higher purpose, looking for “happiness” or “wellbeing”. Seligman defines wellbeing as embracing the following five footprints:

  1. Positive Emotions
  2. Engagement with life
  3. Relationships; positive ones
  4. Meaning; a sense of purpose or beliefs
  5. Accomplishment: we feel good when we accomplish something

With this new emerging awareness of “who” we are, the types of jobs and education systems we have had don’t make sense. They aren’t valid or relevant anymore. Perhaps one could say that their validity is fading away. There are still some jobs which require “widget making” or clerical “pencil pushing”, but these are diminishing. Along with these diminishing jobs are their false sense of security and predictability. After all, there has never been anything secure in life except the knowledge that there is going to be an exit point!

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