Chamber Music

Chamber Music (partial listing)

Bach, J.S.          Three Sonatas BWV 1027-1029 (cello)

Brahms, J.:      Quintet Op.34

Sonata No.1, Op.78 (violin)

Sonata No.2, Op.100 (violin)

Sonata No.3, Op.108 (violin)

Sonata No. 1 Op.38 (cello)

Sonata No.2 Op.99 (cello)

Beethoven, L.Van:   Sonatas (cello) complete

Sonatas (violin) complete

Chopin, F.  Songs:  complete

Introduction and Polonaise Brillante Op.3 for ‘cello

Sonata Op.65 (cello)

Britten, B:       Lachrymae Op.48 (viola)

Debussy, C.:  cello sonata

Dvořák, A:  Quintet Op.5 (Dumka)

Fauré, G.:        Piano quartet Op.45

Sonata No.1 Op.109 (cello)

Frank, C.:  sonata for violin and piano

Mozart, W.A.:  Trio K.498 for clarinet and viola

Schubert, F.:  Adagio Op. posth.148 (trio with Violin and cello)

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