Festival Adjudication

April 7-18, 2019:  Vancouver Kiwanis Festival Senior Piano
June 11-13, 2018:  Pickering Festival
April 22-28, 2018:  Milton Festival
April 16-18, 2018:  Hamilton Kiwanis Festival
April 11-15, 2016:  Ottawa; Kiwanis Music Festival National Capital Region
April 8-10, 2018:  Barrie Festival
May 1-5, 2017:  St. Catherines Music Festival
April 10-16, 2016:  Ottawa Festival
March 5, 2016:  Jury Member for the London Music Scholarship Foundation Competition at Western
May 2015:  Port Colborne Festival of the Arts
April 2015:  Sarnia Music Festival
April 2015:  London Kiwanis Festival (emergency fill-in for senior piano)
May 4-9, 2015:  Port Colborne Music Festival
April 20-14, 2015:  Sarnia Music Festival
May 2014:  Beyond Performance, Niagara Falls, ON
April 2014:  Kiwanis Music and Arts Festival of St. Catharines
May 2013:  Midland Y’s Men’s Music Festival
April 2013:  Ottawa Kiwanis Festival
February 2013:  Niagara ORMTA Music Festival
November 19-25, 2012:  Contemporary Showcase Festival London Ontario
April 2012:  Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival
March 2012:  Gander Newfoundland Kiwanis Festival
April 2011:  Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival
February 2011:  St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador Kiwanis Music Festival
May 2010:  Milton Music Festival
April 2009:  The Grey County Kiwanis Festival of Music
April 2007:  Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival
February 2007:  Lakehead Festival of the Arts, Thunderbay, ON
June 2006:  Ontario Music Festivals Association Inc.
May 2006:  Milton Music Festival
March 2006:  Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival
February 2005:  St. Thomas Rotary Music Festival
April 2004:  Renfrew Rotary Music Festival
March 2004:  Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival
February 2004:  The Kiwanis Music Festival of St. John’s, Newfoundland
April 2003:  Lakehead Festival of Music and the Arts
March 2002:  CDMF Performing Arts Festival, Coquitlam, BC
February 2002:  St Thomas Rotary Music Festival
February 2002:  Porcupine Music Festival, Timmins, ON
April 2001:  Kelowna Kiwanis Music Festival, Kelowna BC
November 4, 2000:  Chatham-Kent ORMTA Student Competitions
March 2000:  The Corner Brook Rotary Music Festival, Newfoundland
March 1999:  CDMF Performing ARts Festival, Coquitlam, BC
February 1999:  The Kiwanis Music Festival Association of St. John’s, Newfoundland


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